Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Annual Veggie Dog Eating Contest!

So, it's been a year since I've been a vegetarian. And it's been a year since I saw the spectacle that is the famous Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest in the news wondering why there hasn't been a Veggie Hotdog Eating Contest, and pondered my chances of winning should I be afforded the opportunity to participate.

Well, I finally had my chance. Compassion Over Killing has teamed up with Sticky Fingers Bakery and Tofurky to present Washington DC's first competition. Admittingly, I was a bit conflicted, wanting to participate in an event that would promote vegetarianism for its many benefits, and disgusted at the whole idea of the gluttony of it all and its contradition to many of my reasons for going vegetarian. Finally I said "what the hell..." and signed up on the last possible day to register.

So, day of the competition I showed up a bit ill from too much merry-making the night before, and failed miserably. That's okay, the whole event was fun to participate in and watch, and it was, after all, for a good cause. A portion of the proceeds at Sticky Fingers that day went to Compassion Over Killing, a 13 year old DC based advocacy organization focused on animal rights and promoting vegetarianism.

The competition was originally to be a 10 minute all-you-can-eat contest, but due to the popularity of the contest with an overwhelming 34 registered participants (DC has its fair share of do-gooders/freegans), the plan had to change. The all-you-can-eat portion of the competition was shortened to 8 minutes, but there was an elimination round first. The elimination round would pit two competitors against each other in a battle won by whoever could finish two veggie dogs first. Long story short - I only got down one as my competitor finished his second and advance to the main competition.

The results of the main event were (with their stage names): DAG, receiving the Bronze, ate 8.5 veggie dogs. Raz, silver medalist, finished off 12. The gold went to Invader, who appeared to be a pro, managed to put down 14 veggie dogs, all in the span of 8 minutes.

The event certainly was a success, giving a bunch of DC vegetarians an opportunity to get together and do something silly, while promoting a good cause.

Here are some pics:

Before the first elimination round

Just before the main event

In the thick of it all

Winners Left to Right: Raz (silver), Invader (Gold), and DAG (Bronze)

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